Executive Newplacement

Balancing on the Edge?

Every Top-Executive at some stage of his or her career gets to know this feeling of „it can´t go on like this“. Pressure grows and every little mistake seems like a big one, since the room to manoeuvre is becoming smaller and smaller, once executives have reached the top. While the number of so-called good friends is shrinking, the feeling of being alone is growing and can even slip into private lives. This means: every opportunity for change is even more important.
Maybe you already consider to grab such an opportunity and leave your company. Or you start to recognize that this decision will be taken by others soon, for whatever reasons. More often than not this is a time of disappointment and insecurity, plus the fear of now taking the wrong decisions.

In situations like these, why don’t you partner with a professional advisor, an independent confidant, who is with you, encourages you and gives you support in finding the right next steps.

Success is not a situation …

… but an attitude. During our Newplacement process we regard separations as opportunities to discover new horizons on an appropriate level. On the basis of an elaborate methodology and a whole range of practical tools, this process quickly opens up new perspectives for your future executive career, sometimes surprising and unexpected ones.

From a perceived situation of weakness we develop a strategy of strength together: Instead of asking for a job, you present yourself fit and confident as a partner for new ideas and new energy at the right time and the right addresses. This path is layed out by the top-notch working material of the Career Transition Newplacement Roadmap and your personal Lead Coach, who is with you from day one with a lot of experience and empathy. Additionally, the Career Transition expert team provides an optimal professional and personal support for every step of the way.

Our excellent personal connections to Top Management levels work like a springboard for your new placement, but not only these: Our partnership with TheInnis Company (Dallas, Texas) gives us access to an international network with global presence.

No compromises

In difficult separation situations, class and culture of a company are exceptionally exposed. No one wants to burn bridges, but pressure on cost, time and headcount again and again leads to painful situations with sometimes uncontrollable consequences …

The way leaving executives are treated reflects back on the companys reputation – internally and externally. This in itself is a valid reason to have Top Executives supported properly during phases of separation – ideally by experts on the same level.

High standards and the choice of the best experts is not only classy and fair but simply indispensable: Markets are becoming increasingly competitive and only an individual and carefully optimized Newplacement-solution has a reasonable chance of success. Executives know this very well and are not satisfied with an „off the shelf“-solution.

The Consultants of Career Transition have specialized in working with Top Executives for years and have acquired an excellent reputation due to their high success rate. As comprehensive career management on Top-Executive-Level, the Career Transition Newplacement process paves a motivating way into the executive´s new future and thus provides some relief for the separation situation right from the beginning. This also helps to prevent long-lasting legal disputes, costs and risks.

This is how Career Transition Newplacement helps both parties already during the preliminary stages: By applying intelligent solutions, the inherent pressure of separation situations is reduced and enables constructive negotiations and fair agreements. The cooperation ends with the same fairness and professionalism it started with, hence both parties are still able to meet again in the future.