Executive Coaching

Achieved the top position – but no one around?

Only few people are as much the focus of unfair criticism as members of Top-Management. Many wouldn’t mind criticism, provided it is based on rationale and delivered with the clear intention for progress. This however, seems to be missing in many board rooms.

In order to operate effectively, Top-Executives don’t need clever advice but stimulating conversations, objective feedback and sometimes sparring partners for their questions and opportunities to challenge their topics from a different perspective. Discussions with peers, questions of good listeners and being understood by an “outsider-insider” – who needs this more than managers and executives?

Strengthening profiles instead of rounding off edges

Coaching is often misunderstood as a method to compensate deficits, which it is not.! Professional coaching that helps achieve sustainable and successful results works the other way round! In Career Transition Executive Coaching we systematically support leaders in growing their skills in ordert to strengthen his or her specific profile. This implies being aware of your edges which differentiates personalities from average people. This of course happens with due consideration of the specific professional settings and their respective boundaries.
Only a few coaches can live up to this challenge. Besides being a trustworthy character and a caring, respectful and impartial listener, as a coach you need a lot of industry experience and wisdom combined with profound coaching knowhow.

If you wear tailor–made suits …

… you don’t want a Coach off the shelf.
Career Transition offers you a selected, almost „tailor-made” Coach for your Executive. You can choose among experienced and reliable professionals whose profiles and personalities are made transparent for you. Every one of them has many years of experience in Top Management positions, of corporations and organizations. Together with you and your coachee, managing directors of Career Transition choose the coach who best fits the challenges ahead.