Christian Repplinger

As coach Christian Repplinger has supported leaders in change processes for 15 years.

His work is built on the foundation of:

• his experience as manager in corporations and medium sized businesses, as managing director and as coach with national and international clients

• his competence from technical studies, further education and supervision, and the international „Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching“ EMCC

• 15 years experience in individual change processes

Christian Repplinger about himself: „Everybody possesses talent he or she is not aware of. Uncovered and appropriately utilised they will lead to more success and satisfaction. When I was a young manager, this insight was surprising and exciting for me. Ever since, I have been keen to help individuals to recognise their full potential, to unfold it and to use it for their sustainable development.“

Areas of focus

  • StopOver
  • Executive Coaching
  • Newplacement

Previous positions (Selection)

  • Studies in Communication technology
  • Olivetti GmbH, Frankfurt
    International trainee program, England
    System Analyst, Teamlead, Department Head IT
  • Two years further education for Trainer, Coaches and Managers in parallel
  • Independent Trainer and Consultant
    Career Workshops, college recruiting
  • Hirche GmbH Wiesbaden
    HR Consultant
    Coaching Lead, Newplacement
    Managing Director
  • Independent Coach and Consultant
    Continuous supervision
  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching EMCC
    Executive Coaching Solutions Dublin
    Certified Coach EMCC