Career Transition

Companies, employees and markets constitute a dynamic system. Constant changes and developments are integral components of this system – and this is where we support and counsel you.

What we do

Career Transition GmbH specialises in Coaching and Newplacement together with Executives of international corporations and well known medium sized businesses. In partnership with TheInnis Company in Dallas, Texas, Career Transition forms an international network, based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

What we do

From our perspective, attraction of talents, development of their potential and, if needed, fair separation procedures are stages in the tenure of employees that are closely connected and are also part of the evolution of corporations. That’s why we support leaders to find the right people for their companies as well as to adequately facilitate their personal and professional development. Finally we are there for you when a fair separation is needed, managed according to the respectful, professional culture of a holistic corporate management.

In addition we are a strong partner for people who find themselves in situations of professional change, growth or new orientation, both as coach and consultant. We provide support, understanding and on top a whole range of professional support. With our longstanding experience, best references and an international network, but first and foremost with our exceptionally well established relationships with top-Executives in various industries, we can guarantee that you work with one of the best firms in this crucial phase of your career.

Despite all professionalism however, our prime focus is always you as a human being!

Our partner

TheInnis Company, Dallas, Texas

TheInnis Company, led by Karyl Innis and John Alston, is a privately owned and led consultancy with a worldwide network. During Newplacements we often support international clients together. Additionally we closely cooperate in projects for international corporations. The Company in Texas gives us access to the US Executive market and provides both organizations with the opportunity to further strengthen their respective competencies.

Karyl Innis and other Top Management members of TheInnis Company are regularly in Germany. We look forward to introducing them to you.

PRCC Executive Search, Düsseldorf

PRCC Executive Search & Consulting Ltd. offers recruiting as well as consulting for HR specifically for Public Relations, Invetor Relations, Corporate Communications and Marketing Communications.

Veit M. Hirche, Managing Director of Career Transition Ltd. is advisor of PRCC Executive Search & Consulting Ltd. He supports the Executive Board on strategic topics.

The story of the squirrel

When we founded the new consulting firm the following question suggested itself:
How should the logo look like?

A good friend suggested an animal. But which one? A blue elephant, a white deer … or …

There are already great examples. The sports car brand with the thoroughbred, the Search Company with the terrier or the building society with the clever fox …

But which animal in the world suits to us?

The dolphin – great, but it already existed! Dolphin strategies – greet the 80s. The moose – oh no, the furniture store from Sweden has already committed all moose …

So let’s think from the other side. How should our services be seen?
What do they stand for?
What do customers appreciate about them?
What adjectives do we attribute to each other now?

Likeable – friendly – quick – diligent – quiet – sensitive – hardworking – reserved, but empathic – well-informed – nimble – always ready for action – with a bite – skillful – free from vertigo and always with a view from the top …

So, what next?

The Squirrel! Yes! That’s it!

Then Gottfried put such an animal on paper for us, not at all trivial and especially for us.

And s also to appeal to the lovers of the good old days a little bit it gets instead of a nut a small golden square on its way – borrowed from the company logo of the past, without wanting to hold onto it too much.

So much for the plan. And then it gets serious. Career Transition was born in 2011 and the daily business started. As soon as business runs, the squirrel comes back into the race.

For me it is much more than just a homage to old times.
Welcome Squirrel – You are now one of us!

Veit M. Hirche
p.s.: And if you want to see the little guys alive, come to visit us at Weinbergstraße – these friendly fellows constantly surround our office.