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We support your development with an efficient team of specialists on Coaching and Newplacement..


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We coach leaders with heart and passion during personal change processes inside their companies or on their way to new professional challenges.


StopOver – Energy for New Horizons!

New ideas, wishes and goals need structure to materialize. True alternatives need thoughtful reflection and future strategies need intelligent design. In order to achieve this, it is a good idea to step out of the daily treadmill.


„Looking behind the scenes” – the round table events of Career Transition GmbH

Twice a year we discuss out-of-the-box topics with selected Executives. We focus on what´s behind the scenes. Together with you we shift from an outside-in to an inside-out view. This change of perspective not only opens interesting and appealing new horizons, but stimulates and leads into inspiring conversations.

„Looking behind the scenes“ No IV

June 2018
„Distance is a matter of your mind“
A presentation of two young men who tested their limits and in doing so made experiences that will accompany them for their lifetime.

For a forth time a selected round of business partners and friends of Career Transition met for a very special evening above the roofs of Frankfurt.
For many years the Transalpine Run has ranked among the hardest runs of the world. 7 days marathon distances overall more than 267 km and 16.306 meter difference in altitude across the Alpes. 300 teams – failure quota 50%. One year of unconditional preparation and utmost abstinence and discipline. The two successful participants impressively described what happened to them on this journey to themselves and how they have profited from it for their personal development. Our guests were caught by this fantastic and authentic presentation and took the chance to exchange thoughts with the two adventurers for the rest of the evening.

„Looking behind the scenes“ No III

November 2017
„Whisky for Life“ Value by Maturity.
They are still existing – items which grow in value by aging!

In our business this in general applies for people but this development is also valid in other fields e.g. whisky. In the city center of Frankfurt you can find the whisky paradise “Whisky for Life” which is run with passion and competence by the former investment banker Frank Jerger. He welcomed the guests of Career Transition in stylish ambience and at first described his “Newplacement” from banker to whisky aficionado. Then the tasting started accompanied by some extra tuition in flavor identification as well as details and explanations all around the Scottish national drink. A wonderful evening in best company!

„Looking behind the scenes“ No II

Kloster Eberbach, April 2015
Dr. Pero Mićić, one of the leading Experts in Future Management talked about:
How do you make a living tomorrow? Discover and utilize your options in future markets
„Markets will shrink, implode, emerge or grow extremely in the near future. Some of them can be approached already today if options are recognised, evaluated and utilized. What is the basis for your success tomorrow? Will your market or your profession still exist? Are your skills still competitive? What do you have to learn and un-learn in order to compete in future markets?“
Dr. Pero Mićić

CT Pero-Micic klein

„Looking behind the scenes“ No I

Opening session, November 2014
Individualisation as a sustainable business model!
Which brand is better suited to represent indivual variety than Harley Davidson? The Harley Factory Frankfurt, one of Europes biggest Harley dealers, opened their doors for us and let us have a look behind the scenes. Managing Director Thomas Trapp shared an internal view on the specific philosophy of his company and showed us how a customer–centric strategy creates a remarkable variety of target audiences.