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Individual Profiles

Professor Helmuth Mühlmeier

Professor Helmuth Mühlmeier has worked in the field of coaching and supervision for more than 20 years now and has gained a lot of experience in coaching Top Executives. His emphasis is on Leadership competencies, clarification of roles and authentic behaviour.

He about his work: „For me as coach it is touching and moving to be part of the positive professional and personal development of leaders. It satisfies me when my work contributes to the professional and personal growth of leaders/executives which in turn leads to better results and the improvement of their competencies”.

Both, his distinct capability to perceive and understand complex situations in a very nuanced way, as well as his respectful and trustful communication style are some of his major assets. He perceives himself as an initiator on the way to new professional horizons and he helps to give birth to new ideas of how to better cope with daily business.

Areas of focus

• Executive Coaching
• Introduction to Business-Coaching
• Counseling in difficult day-to-day situations

Previous positions

Certified Teacher, Priest in the Protestant Church
Education in Supervision and Coaching according to DGSv

Parish Priest and teacher

Advisor in the Headquarter of the Protestant Church of Germany.

Lecturer and assistant director in a teacher training college.

Professor (including 4 years as director) at a Theological college.

More than 20 years experience in Coaching and supervision in various companies and institutions.