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Individual Profiles

Christian Repplinger

As coach Christian Repplinger has supported leaders in change processes for 15 years.

His work is built on the foundation of:

• his experience as manager in corporations and medium sized businesses, as managing director and as coach with national and international clients

• his competence from technical studies, further education and supervision, and the international „Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching“ EMCC

• 15 years experience in individual change processes

Christian Repplinger about himself: „Everybody possesses talent he or she is not aware of. Uncovered and appropriately utilised they will lead to more success and satisfaction. When I was a young manager, this insight was surprising and exciting for me. Ever since, I have been keen to help individuals to recognise their full potential, to unfold it and to use it for their sustainable development.


Areas of focus

• StopOver
• Executive Coaching
• Newplacement

Previous positions

Studies in Communication technology

Olivetti GmbH, Frankfurt
International trainee program, England
System Analyst, Teamlead, Department Head IT

Two years further education for Trainer, Coaches and Managers in parallel

Independent Trainer and Consultant
Career Workshops, college recruiting

Hirche GmbH Wiesbaden
HR Consultant
Coaching Lead, Newplacement
Managing Director

Independent Coach and Consultant
Continuous supervision

Advanced Diploma in Coaching EMCC
Executive Coaching Solutions Dublin
Certified Coach EMCC